VA Wine Tours

VA Wine Tours

Point to Point Limousines strives to offer the best VA Wine Tours possible. What we offer would be private limousine Wine Tours where you would have your own private Limousine come pick you up at your home, office, hotel or whatever the case may be. Usually groups will start around 10 or 11am because most of the vineyards open between 10-11am and close between 5-6pm. There are many directions you can go with the VA Winery Tours as you may have seen on our website. You can pick one of our cluster tours or pick and choose to create your own custom Wine Tour. There are over 70 Northern VA Wineries to pick from. On average most groups go to 3-4 vineyards and have lunch somewhere in between. You have the option of either packing a picnic lunch or stopping at one of the local restaurants.

We are more than happy to talk to you about the different wineries in VA and restaurants available if you are not familiar with the area. Once a reservation is made we would then contact the vineyards and let them know how many guests we had, and what times you will be arriving to make sure you have all the necessary reservations scheduled. The average Wine Tour is between 5-7 hours and depends on which size limousine you need/desire, how many vineyards you visit (2-4), how far away you are being picked up and ultimately how much time your group spends at each vineyard. The best size Limousine for your VA Wine Tour would be determined by the size of your group or your specific desires. Please feel free to give us a call with any further questions and/or to reserve your VA Winery Tour. We hope we can be of service to you during your special limo Wine Tour outing!

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