5 Special Occasions Worth Booking a Limo For

If you’re someone who needs a limousine for a major event, check out this guide on five special occasions worth booking a limo to get you where you want to go.
5 Special Occasions Worth Booking a Limo For

There’s something magical about limousines that exude class and elegance no matter the reason. Whether it’s a simple pickup from the airport or travel to a wedding, there are plenty of reasons to rent a limo. From prom to winery tours, here are five special occasions worth booking a limo for you to consider.


The most common special occasion to rent a limo for is a wedding. The wedding couple needs to arrive and depart in style. There’s plenty of room to fit the whole wedding party: immediate family members, close friends, groomsmen, and bridesmaids. Limos can take your party to the wedding destination and reception in elegance. Once the wedding’s over, the bride and groom can take a limo to wherever they plan to go next.


Prom season is a special moment in the lives of many teenagers. Prom acts as a chance to show up to a space in style. It’s their first serious dance before their wedding and a fun night to remember, whether with a date or part of a group. Either way, your child will remember their prom even more with a limo rental. It’s affordable, too. Limousine rentals are by the hour, so you can rent one strictly for prom night drop-off and pick-up.

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

There comes a time in a young Jewish child’s life when they—culturally and spiritually—become adults, otherwise known as a bar or bat mitzvah. Boys receive their bar mitzvah once they turn thirteen. Depending on the congregation, girls have their bat mitzvah at twelve or thirteen years old. This is an important milestone in the religion where the child reads from the Torah. A fun reception typically follows the ceremony. A limo rental is a great way to spice up a bar/bat mitzvah reception and make your child’s day even more special.

Wine and Brewery Tours

Number four on our list of five special occasions worth booking a limo for is wine or brewery tours. These are a fantastic way to spend time with adult friends or family to enjoy some locally crafted drinks. The limo will take you to each winery or brewery for a complete experience. As you travel from place to place, you’ll experience different tastes and styles reflecting each independent crafter. Please remember to drink responsibly.


Lastly, why not show up to a family or college reunion in style? Limo rentals for reunions are a stylish way to attend a reunion. Many limo rentals come with a stocked bar, LED lights, and a TV for a fully immersive experience. If you’re traveling in from out of town or have friends or family coming in, limos offer some class and sophistication wherever you go.

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